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Galway County Council has recieved funding from a successful application to the BMW Region Gateways and Hubs ERDF Grants Scheme. The Council has been allocated grant aid of  €1.35million towards a number of projects that will be implemented in the Town of Tuam during 2010. The total budget for the projects involved is €2,250,000 with the difference being raised locally. The projects to be implemented are as follows: 

Connecting Community Buildings                              

Swimming Pool- installation of Combined Heat and Power Unit – significant Reduction in Carbon footprint

Upgrading of building in the Mill complex improved insulation and solar powered heating to provide community meeting and exhibition space  

Greening of the Mall Theatre- improved insulation and roofing and installation of Solar power

Energy Refurbishment of Community Gym in Bru Bhride

Connecting Community through developing the Public Realm

Urban enhancement of Streets of Tuam to include improvement of disability access and regeneration of the Shambles, Main square and roads linking the two. Incorporating Tree planting at approaches to Tuam, Town Signage Programme

Undergrounding of utility cables in Town core in conjunction with Main Drainage Project

Physical refurbishment of Public areas in Local Authority Residential Areas


Gilmartin Road
, Parkmore Estate, St Joseph’s Park, Parkmore Multipurpose games facility

Public Lighting Project in The Palace Grounds Town Park                         

Connecting Technology

Extend Town CCTV System

Upgrading Technological aspects of Town Library to develop a SMART Library include

Wireless Hot Spot, Intelligent Reservation System, Automatic Library services

The implementation of these projects will be carried out by Galway County Council and Tuam Town Council in consultation with the residents and communities in Tuam. At present, the Councils are preparing detailed plans on how the projects will be implemented and these will be displayed in the near future.

For further details on these projects please contact:

Brian Barrett, Administration Officer, Galway County Council, Tel 091 476505. emails to