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About Us

Vision & Mission Statement.

The vision of Co. Galway LSP is ‘sport and physical activity – part of every day life in Co. Galway.

Our mission statement clearly outlines our purpose  which is ‘ to increase cross community participation in sport and recreation in County Galway  through a co-ordinated, integrated and sustained development programme, delivered in partnership with local agencies and sporting bodies’

Membership of Co. Galway LSP.

(Diagram of Co. Galway LSP membership - to be posted)

The partnership receives both strategic and policy direction from the Irish Sports Council and the day to day running of the partnership is designated to a Sports Co-ordinator aided by an Office Administrator. County Galway LSP is a sub-committee of the County Development Board and is facilitated by the Community, Enterprise and Economic Development Unit of Galway Co. Co.

Strategic/Operational plans.

As with LSP’s countrywide, the work of County Galway LSP will be guided by it’s three year Strategic Plan 2008 to 2011 and the year on year Operational Plan

The Strategic Plan reflects the results of a number of public consultations conducted throughout 2007. These included consultations with sports clubs/organisations in the county, six public consultations held in each of the electoral areas of the county, a comprehensive written survey of all primary and second level schools in County Galway, and the considered imputs of the members of the Board of Co. Galway LSP. These consultations were the platform where interested groups/individuals took the opportunity to inform the contents of the strategic plan, in so far as their particular requirements were concerned. The strategies are developed into actions and are outlined in detail in the Operational Plan. At this stage Co. Galway LSP wish to acknowledge the excellent guidance and support we received from the Irish Sports Council and our consultants, Morgan Buckley and Elaine Fitzgerald of Atlantic Sports Management and Training, in the final preparation of both documents.

Achieving It’s Purpose.

In order to achieve it’s purpose, Co. Galway LSP, will concentrate on a two pronged approach. One will be the delivery of the core programmes of the Irish Sports Council. These are;

Secondly, the Partnership will  deliver area specific programmes. A number of these have already been identified from the public consultation process, and will include a strategy for the off-shore islands, targeting areas of special needs – Clár and RAPID areas in particular, the use of the sea as a sporting venue and the promotion of minority sports throughout the county.  Co. Galway LSP will work closely with all national governing bodies of sports in the county to promote and deliver physical activity  to as many citizens as is possible.