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Welcome to Galway

We hope you enjoy your visit to Galway. Please view the list of attractions in the menu on the left hand side of this page to see more about what there is to do in Galway 

Galway is a fantastic destination to visit. Below are a selection of 30 second videos of some of the great visitor attractions that are in Galway.

Made in Galway News
Made in Galway
Made in Galway is a directory listing the fantastic range of food and craft producers that Galway has to offer. Made in Galway can direct you right to the doorsteps of world class producers based in Galway. Each listing is regularly updated by the individual producer to ensure it is kept current, and most listings contain links to producers own websites or social media so you can browse even further.
Explore Galway East through our Wayfinding Project
This project showcases a 1000 years of built heritage in Galway East and brings to life through a series of audio discovery tours, available to download on the web and on CD. The Wayfinding Project includes a Driving Tour of Galway East and six walking tours of towns in East.
Mountain Views
Mountain Views
A Hillwalking Resource for Ireland - Over 250 members have built this site as a place for everyone to learn and talk about walking in the mountains.

Walking and Cycling Routes in Galway
Click on the link above to find a compendium of Walking and Cycling routes in Galway. (pdf, 1,090 kbs, Last Updated: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 10:39:00 BST)