A Local Authority may in accordance with Section 13 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 and the Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles) Regulations 1963 – 2003 issue a special permit authorising particular vehicles which contravene the maximum weight and dimensions of mechanically propelled vehicles and trailers to be used on public roads.

The applicant must contact TII’s Motorway Traffic Control Centre on email abnormalload@mtcc.ie a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the journey, where the load width is greater than 3m, to obtain clearance to travel on the Motorway/ National Dual Carriageway Network.

The Motorway Traffic Control Centre will confirm if any roadworks are planned along the route that will impact the abnormal load journey.

Prior Notice

Prior to making an application for a special permit, the applicant shall give the Commissioner of the Garda Síochána four clear working days notice of such application.  The notice shall be accompanied by a copy of the application for the permit.


The Authority may require the applicant, as a condition of the permit, to deposit with the Council a sum sufficient to cover the amount of any damage caused to any public road by the use of the vehicle under the permit.

The permit shall at all times be carried on the vehicle to which it relates, or on the vehicle drawing the trailer to which it relates.

Withdrawal of Permit

Where a vehicle in respect of which a permit has been issued, is being used in contravention of any condition attached to the permit, the Authority may withdraw the permit.

An application for a Special Permit must be accompanied by the following documentation:

Insurance Schedules - Insurance Policies MUST include a specific indemnity to Galway County Council – Level of Indemnity Required:

    (a)     Public Liability €6.5 million

    (b)     Employers Liability €13 million


There are a variety of fees for the issuing of a special permit:

Single Journey fee €75

3 Month Permit €250

Annual Permit €500

Special Permit Abnormal Loads Application Form

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